Cookies in a Jar – Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Cookies in a Jar – Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Hello everybody!

It is finally Christmas Time! Cozy sweaters, hot Choco, good books, films and coffeeshops… and, what I love most, Christmas Presents! My favorite part about all this amazing mess is giving gifts and, even more interesting and inspiring, making them. Although I’m still working out DIYs and Handmade, I love them and I’m super excited when I get the chance to experiment some.

So today I’m giving you “Cookies in a Jar”! It’s a really simple, quick but fancy DIY gift to make for a friend who loves cooking. I made this for Christine. She’s really into cupcakes and loves experimenting with new recipes therefore, when I stumbled across the amazing concept of “Gift in a Jar”, I could only think of her. So here it is the perfect Christmas Cookie recipe, with an amazing presentation, and few steps to follow.

But first, here are the ingredients:

–  1+1/4 Flour

– 1/2 tsp Salt

– 1/2 tsp Baking Soda

– 1/4 C Cocoa

– 1/2 C Sugar

– 1/2 C Brown Sugar

– 2/3 C Choco Chips

– 2/3 C Toffee Bits

– 2/3 C White Choco Chips

All of the things above are going to be in the jar. In order to make the cookies you also need:

– 1/2 C Butter

– 1 Egg

1. First of all, you, obviously, need a jar. I chose this large IKEA jar and it worked out perfectly. The first layer is made of Flour, Baking Soda and Salt.

2. Add the second layer: Cocoa. Be careful, so you won’t shake it and mess up the layers. The whole point, when it comes to its “look”, is to keep the ingredients layered.

3. Time for Sugar! I couldn’t find Brown Sugar, so I used ordinary sugar, basically because I was ACTUALLY last minute, haha. I do think that it would look better with a layer of Brown Sugar, but mine turned out ok, sooo…. feel free to do it however you want :).

4. Move on to the Choco-Toffee-White Choco part! Yumm… Of course I couldn’t find the chips ‘n’ bits so I improvised with some Choco Balls. I wasn’t quite happy for not finding the right ingredients, but looking at the result, I think the substitutes add an element of fun, so feel free to modify the recipe to make it more interesting… whatever works for you!

5. Finally! Add the labels with the name of the cookies and the recipe to make it more Christmassy! I made a bow from a large ribbon and added two cinnamon stick (just for a touch of Christmas) and also a Candy Cane, mmm my favorites. Christine loves pink, so pink candy cane it is!

It was fun making this quick and easy DIY Gift. I was inspired a lot by Pinterest, so I thank everyone. Some final tips: be REALLY “gentle” with it. I kinda shook mine when I gave it to Christine and the layers were a bit messed up because of it.

I would love to see pictures of your Jar, if you make any, so feel free to share them.

To find out what gift I received from Christine, check out Instagram.

Have an amazing Day and joyful Holiday,



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