Art & Supplies I

Art & Supplies I

Hello everybody!

I’m finally back … this time for good! Lately it has been a tough time for me but now I finally got the time I needed for the things I love! I’m gonna start with exactly one of the things that I love most: ART.

This time I got for you a series of photos that capture my Art Essentials. Oh, I’m so excited for this!

I’m pretty sure a lot of people love art supplies. All those bright colors, crazy tools and weird materials… I sure am one of this people :D.  I absolutely love my supplies so I played around a lil’ bit, so here’s what came out of it.

I’m gonna split this in a few posts so I can capture more of the things I use for my DIYs/Paintings/Handmades and so on.

To begin with, one of my favorite things to do are personalized T-shirts. This way I can wear all the Tees that I want, I imagine or I design.

Also, keep tuned! This week I got a super cute and easy DIY using those lovelies! Ooops, I might have said too much already :D.

I hope you enjoy this first tiny photo gallery ^^!


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