Starbucks Notebook

Starbucks Notebook

Hello everybody!

What time is it? Almost not summertime anymore :(. But hey! It’s still travelling season! It’s not super cold outside and even if school already started for some of us, we still got the weekends to travel around. Besides, it’s almost fall time, which happens to be my favorite time of the year, and fall time is a perfect time to wander around, take some short hikes, visit new cities and even take some amazing photos. This being said, let’s not waist anymore time and let’s gather our travelling essentials. I think for many of us it’s super important to carry a cute notebook to jot down some thoughts or random inspiration. For me surely is! It’s so frustrating to come up with a brilliant  idea and not having something to write it on…

So this week I’m bringing you an amazing, super cute DIY: a Starbucks inspired tiny little notebook. Found a photo of such a notebook lost somewhere in Pinterest so I thought “Hey, I could totally DIY one of these!” And after actually making one all I can say is that  it’s easy, it’s quick, doesn’t require money almost at all, it’s small, it goes with coffee and a travelling bag. Doesn’t it sound perfect? So have I thought! Let’s get into it!

To make everything easier, start by gathering all your materials and tools. You basically need about 15-20 regular pieces of paper (8.5″ x 11″) , a small green cardstock piece or regular colored paper, a spiral from an old notebook, a little bit of  green thread and a cup sleeve from Starbucks (or any other coffee shop you like). This is going to be the cover of your notebook. As for tools, you’ll need a hole punch (i didn’t have one so I used a leather punch… it works really well, but if you have a hole punch definitely go for that), an X-acto knife, a green pen, a pencil, a pair of scissors, a ruler and some PVA glue (when I made the photo I totally forgot about those lovelies … please don’t hate me :D).

Next, take your cup sleeve and using a pair of scissors, cut out the two pieces, front and back. Keep both of them, as they will serve as the covers of your notebook.

Now it’s time to make the actual notebook. Set aside the back piece and use the front piece to make the pages of your notebook. Take one piece of paper and place the front of the cup sleeve in one of the upper corners. Start tracing around it. Repeat this until you cover the whole page. You should have about 6 of this shapes. This is going to be your template.

Moving on to the next step,  take one more time your pair of scissors and… all you have to do now is cut out the pieces of paper using the template you just made.  Place your template over your stash of paper and start cutting. Hey, hey! Wait! I got two Tips to make this step a bit easier. The first one is to use 2 binder clips to help your stash of paper to stay in place. Trust me, they help more than you’ll think. Next Tip  is to use smaller stashes of paper. For example I used about 5 pieces of paper in a stash which makes about 3-4 stashes in total. But if you wanna do this make sure you copy the template for each new stash. Doing so, the whole cutting process  is gonna go a lot faster.

Yaaay, we have all the pieces of our notebook! Now it’s time to bind it and transform it in an actual notebook haha. It sounds scary but trust me, it’s easier than you’ll ever think. Okay, enough with the talkie-talkie. Take your spiral and the front piece of the cup sleeve. Use it to mark where the holes will go. For example, I needed only 4 holes.

Now take your hole punch (or leather punch in my case :D) and start making the holes. Make sure the spiral will fit through the holes. Oh, Oh! Another Tip! You can use the spiral as a guideline when you actually make the holes. This way you can be sure that all your holes are aligned and the spiral fits perfectly.

Aaand here comes the nasty part. But I promise this is the only one! Take all the pieces of paper that you cut some time ago and start making the holes. Use the front piece of the sleeve as a template. Once again, you can use binder clips to keep your paper in place.

Aaaand keep going…. almost done…. yummm lemonade ^^…..

Aaaand done!

Oh, almost forgot! There’s also the back piece of your sleeve! Use the front piece as a template one more time and done!

Now we can finally bind it! If you got a spiral from an old notebook like me, you’ll need to cut it. Use pliers to do so. As I said before, I only needed 4 holes so I cut it accordingly.  Another Tip! Before cutting, stretch the spiral a lil’ bit so it will make things easier.

And finally, binding time! This is step is pretty self-explanatory. Start with the back piece of your cup sleeve and put all your “sandwiched” notebook through the spiral.

Yaaaay! Finally done! You can leave it like this or you can go with one more step and customize it with a cute tag. For this step you’ll need the green cardstock piece, thread, PVA glue and green pen. Okay! Back to work now! Start by making the tag template directly on the cardstock piece. It’s just a regular tag. It’ll go on your front cover.

Now take the hole punch/leather punch one last time and make a small hole at the top of your tag. After this, write something on your tag… the purpose of this  notebook, a quote,  whatever you feel like writing. For example, I wrote “Note to self” and I also added a tiny green heart :D.

Oki-Doki, take the green thread and cut out a small piece. Put this small piece through the small hole of your tiny tag. Now cut out a longer piece of thread and make a regular bow.

And finally the last step! Use PVA glue and glue down the tag. After it dries, take the bow and glue it over. Let it dry and cut out any excess thread. If your glue is not white when it dries out you can add a thin coat of it over the bow to secure it in place.


Told you it goes with coffee.. so hipster 😀

Okay, enough about me ! What are YOUR travelling essentials? Let me know in the comments ^^.

Have an amazing week,


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