To-do List Notepad

To-do List Notepad

Hello everybody!

It’s the middle of semester, It’s Autumn, It’s Sweater-weather, It’s almost Christmas, It’s the best of times…. and the busiest of times. I started Uni a few weeks ago and I’m already overwhelmed :D. School work, personal projects, courses, parties, friends, alone time, movies and good books…. it might seem like there’s never gonna be enough time for all of the things you gotta do! But hey! don’t freak out already! I got a super easy solution for this: A to-do list notebook! It so easy and such a small hack but trust me, it helps more than you think!

Join me and let’s make the cutest, customized, DIY To-do Notepad! You won’t need more than 30 mins for this one, I promise. I don’t think there’s anymore to say, so let’s hop into it!

To make it easier and quicker, gather all your materials and tools. You’ll need about 20 sheets of paper with the desired to-do list template. For mine, I arranged 4 of this template on a A4 piece of paper (as in the image down below) which will make an 80 sheets notepad. I’ll put a link to the PDF I made with the template I designed here. I forgot to mention (I actually forgot at all), you’ll also need a piece of board for the back of your notepad. As for the tools, all you need is a corner punch, some binder clips, PVA glue,  an X-acto knife, a brush, a ruler and a cutting mat, so you won’t scratch your working area as you cut the template.

Ok, now it’s time to actually get started! Take your printed template and start cutting it. Use a ruler to make sure the cuts are straight. Also be careful with the X-acto knife! It’s pretty sharp. Pro Tip, Pro Tip! Use the binder clips to keep your stack of paper in place.

Now take the corner punch and.. well… punch the corners to make them round :). This step is pretty easy and self explanatory.

Almost done! Cut the board using the stack of paper as a template. Now place the stack over the board and make sure it’s properly aligned. Keep it in place with two binder clips as shown down below. Using a brush add a few layers of PVA glue on the top part just like this:

Let it dry completely and DONE! Now you have a super cute notepad to organize your busy days

Have an amazing week,


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