Cupcake Plushie

Cupcake Plushie

Hello everybody!

Guys, guys, guys! Spring is here! Perfect time to get a project done, find a new dream, work on your goals…. Perfect time to start something new with excitement and good vibes! Weather is getting warmer, everything is getting greener, everyone is outside. All is fresh, all is exciting. But all is also nostalgic… remembering good times, being so close to summer and its adventures…. What a great time to find yourself, remember your passions and dreams and to express your nostalgia in a creative way. Having this in mind, this week I’m coming with a super cute project!

My friend Christine, maybe you remember her from my “Cookies in a Jar” post, adores cupcakes. This Christmas she made a huge bunch for me and I can say that they were absolutely delicious! I also love cupcakes, but to be honest I never tried baking some. But I know my way around DIYs, so I made her a little Cupcake Plushie. It turned out really cute, so I now I wanna show you how it’s done! Promise it won’t take that long and the sewing part won’t be that hard, trust me. Now let’s quit the talking and get to work!

To begin with, gather all your tools and materials. For this project you’ll need a ruler, 2-3 sheets of scrap/craft paper (to make the template), a pair of scissors, a pencil, some pins, a needle, thread (to make the sprinkles on the cupcake) and sewing thread (make sure it matches your materials’ colors). As for materials, all you need is some felt and stuffing. For my cupcake I chose blue for the bottom, pink and white for frosting and a little black for its face. Feel free to choose your own colors.

Now that we got this right, it’s time to get to the fun part! On your scrap/craft paper trace your template. Keep in mind that you are free do make it however you want, you don’t have to follow my example completely. Just remember that you need the bottom, the frosting and 2 circles for eyes and 2 for “blushie” cheeks (optional). In my case, I made a bottom of 12x10x8.3 cm, 2 circles of 1.3 cm (eyes) and 2 of 0.8 cm (cheeks) as shown down below. Also, add an oval (about 10 cm long) to your template. I forgot to do that and it turned out really to be of huge help. Tip: you can use symmetry to make sure you get the frost right.

Now cut out all of your pieces, including the oval I talked about earlier. (Side note: I used the pink felt just for the background, it has nothing to do with this step).

Take your template and pin it to the material using your pins, as shown here. Also, pin the oval to the material that you want to use for the muffin paper cup. This oval is gonna be the actual base of your plushie.

Now cut out the material! Also, make sure you double them up (2 x bottom, 2 x pink frost, 2 x white frost etc) so you can make a front piece and a back piece.

Now we can start making all this into a cupcake! Start by taking the top frosting (here the white one) and add sprinkles to it using the colored thread. Do it on both sides.

Let’s make the bottom pretty! As you might know, most cupcakes/muffins come into a really cute paper cups. This is what we are going to do next. Take both of your bottom parts and a contrasting thread (I used pink thread on blue felt) and make some lines with a simple chain stitch or a split stitch if you find the latter easier. Make sure the lines are equally apart and straight.

Here is a detailed look at the stitch….

..and here are both of them, done!

Now let’s get back to the frosty part. Pin together the bottom frost (pink) and the top frost (white). Make those for both front piece and back piece.

And of course, sew them together. But just the bottom part! Make one single, normal stitch, on both pieces.

We are now more than half way through! Before getting the whole thing assembled, we need one last little decoration! Let’s give this little thing a face expression! Add the eyes, “blushy” cheeks and stitch (chain or split, as used before) a little smile to one of the bottom pieces.

Now we finally got to the point where we can start make this thingie whole. For starter, pin together the frost and the bottom on both sides. Keep in mind that the face of the cupcake doesn;t have to be centered. The margins will “shrink” when we will sew together the sides. Basically, attach the pink frost’s bottom to the blue paper cup’s top, just like this:

Now, once again make a simple stitch and sew together the frosting and the paper cup. Repeat for both sides:

We are almost done! Now pin together both front and back of the cupcake, good side facing in.

And, obviously, start sewing! Using the same simple stitch sew together the 2 pieces. But make sure you leave a small gap at the very bottom of your plushie of about 5-7 cm wide so you can insert the stuffing.

Now turn the whole thing “inside out”. Basically, just get the good sides out, as normal and start stuffing it. Tip: if you run out of stuffing material (which I may, or may not have…… :D) know that you can also use cotton wool. It still does the trick. Now your plushie should start getting fluffy and “3D”.

Congrats! Now you have only one step left! Take the oval we’ve been talking about and sew it over the gap you used for stuffing. Use a hidden stitch to do so. Awesome! Your plushie has a base now!

Now you are done! Perfect! This is how the Cupcake plushie eventually turned out:

Hope you liked this and hey! if you do make one of this, share some photos with me! You can find me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

Have an amazing week,



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