Minimalist Wood Cover Notebook

Minimalist Wood Cover Notebook

Hello everybody!

Long time, no see… Been a busy period around here, but now I’m back with new cute projects, of course! We see each other again during summer break, which means more time for ourselves, our projects and basically for anything we have in mind. So why not gather all the project ideas in a minimalist looking notebook?

This being said, let’s stop chatting and start DIYing! I’m coming back with a cute and surprisingly easy project: a wood covered notebook. Minimalist, easy, classy, handmade! Just the perfect DIY for a hot summer afternoon. Saw it a long time ago in a bookshop and since then I always wanted to make one for myslef. So now that I finally got it why not share it with you, guys? So here we go!

Now, as usual, start by gathering all your tools and materials so everyhting will come in easily. For this project you’ll need:


– cutting mat

– needles

– waxed thread (you can get this at any fabric store)

– ruler

– hole punch

– X-acto knife


– 60 sheets of paper

– 2  5.8″ x 8.3″ (A5) pieces of wood

To begin, take all your pages and fold them in half. Make 15 signature by stacking 4 sheets of paper together.

Afterwards take one signature and mark the holes, 1″ apart, starting from the left and right edge. Mark 3 holes on each side, just as shown below:

Now stack together and align all your signatures. Use the one you just made as a guide for measurements. Using a ruler, mark the holes on each signature. Then, take a large needle and make ll the holes.

Now take one of the wood covers and mark 3 holes, 1″ apart, for each side, just like you did with the signatures. We’ll be using the coptic stitch technique for binding, so holes should be distanced form the spine. For a fun pattern I chose to make the first hole (the one closer to the edge) 1 1/2″ away, the middle one, 1″ and the last one 1/2″, just as shown below. Repeat on both wood covers.

Next, here comes the hard part: making the cover holes. Use the hole puncher for this. I found it a bit too consuming, so I ended up using a power drill. If you chose the same method, make sure you use it safely. When you’re done drilling, sand off any imperfections.

Finally, you’re almost done! All there’s left to do is binding up the whole thing. To continue, take your wood covers and your signatures, and follow this amazing tutorial on how to make a coptic stitch. In the end it should look like this:

And you’re done! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy 🙂 Perfect for this summer.


Hope you liked this DIY and if you make it, don’t forget to share it with me on Insta, Twitter and Facebook! Can’t wait to see your creations! And hey! what are your summer project ideas?

Have and amazing week and see you around,




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