Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal

Hello everybody!

Been a few busy weeks lately, last weeks of summer, holidays, old work, new work… almost no time to take a tiny little break for yourself. With all this tone of errands, dates and tasks and constant feeling of being overwhelmed, I found myself ¬†wandering in a really cute library and ended up getting myself a Moleskine Bullet Journal.

I can tell that I tried a few planners over the years and none of them worked. Until I came upon bullet journals. I found it perfect. It can be customised however I want and need and I can add as many spreads as I want. I can say it’s like DIYing your own planner, for your own needs. You can keep it simple when you’re in a hurry or make it as artsy as you want. This really gives a lot of freedom. Besides, it’s quite motivating and inspirational, especially given all the amazing inspo and ideas that you can find around.

Now, getting back to my own bujo, this month I’m trying a set of spreads that I found really useful over the last try outs of bullet journaling. I’m starting off with a monthly spread, so I get a full overview of the month ahead.

I addded a “Blog Content” section so I can organise my content and plan the posts, materials needed, ideas… basically all that’s blog related for the month.

Next up, the daily logs. I found it more suitable for me to have 2 days on a page and a little “Notes” box for each day. This way I can add and track all my tasks and notes for a day.

Of course there’s no bujo without a future log, right? Well, not necessarily, but for me worked out really nice. I made a 4 months future log, so I can have a visual representation of the events to come.

To end the month, a really cute idea that I actually found on Pinterest was a “Brain Dump” section for the month. It was an “Oh my God, that’s genius” moment. It’sreally amazing, because now I have a special section dedicated to all my random brainstorms. Now I can easily jot down any idea that comes to my mind and have them all in one place.

How do you use your bullet journal? Let me know and feel free to share it with my on my Insta and Twitter!

Have an amazing week,


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