Tassel Pencil Case

Tassel Pencil Case

Hello everybody,

It’s finally fall! Ah, my favorite time of the year. Longer nights, cold and crisp mornings, Chai lattes, Sweater-weather, cozy reading nights, foggy evenings…. and back to school time! After a long summer it’s time for some fall vibes and some school prep! Yes, the crazy, busy days are just around the corner so I figured it’s better to start things right. So I came up with a really easy-peasy DIY, perfect for this season: a tassel pencil case! Colorful, cute, joyful… just about right to get you in a productive mood. Of course, you can use this case for anything, not only school or uni, just get creative with it!

Now, let’s hop into it! To make everything easier and quicker, gather all your materials and tools. You’ll need some fabric (about 20 x 20″ should be more than enough for 1 pencil case), a zipper (mine was 10″ long), some embroidery thread for the tassel, colorful beads, jump rings, thin wire. As for tools, you’ll need a needle, sewing thread, a ruler, a pen, a pair of scissors and some pins (I actually couldn’t find my pins so I used needles instead XD).

materials tools

Okay, let’s get started! From your fabric cut out 2 pieces about 10 x 5 inches. Of course these measurements are totally customizable, feel free to adapt them to your needs. Make sure you also take into account the length of your zipper, though.

measurments cut pieces

Take one piece that you just cut and fix the zipper to it using pins. make sure the good side of the material is facing in, just like shown below.

pin zipper close up pin zipper

Now let’s get sewing! Use a simple basic stitch and sew down the zipper along the pins.

sew zipper closeup sew zipper

Now pin the zipper to the other piece of the material. Make sure the good sides are facing in, just like shown below.

pin sipper

Good! Of course, sew the zipper in place with a basic stitch, just like before,  along the pins.

sew zipper sew zipper close up

There, our pencil case is half done! We got the zipper in place.

Moving on, make sure your sandwiched materials are aligned. You can also pin them in place to make sure. Attention! It’s important to keep the zipper open from this step on! It’s time for the final stitches!

aligned materials

Let’s get sewing! Sew 3 straight lines about 1″ from the margins. Make sure you go around the zipper area a few times to secure it in place. Tip: if you sew it by hand it’s easier to make sure the lines are straight if you sketch them with the pen and ruler first and then you follow along with the stitch.

Almost there… cut out any excess material…

… turn in inside out and you are basically done! From this point on, you can leave it like this or we can move on to decorate it with a cute DIY tassel.

done pencil case

If you’re still here, let’s get down with the tassel. Find something to wrap your embroidery thread around. I used a perfume box that was laying around, about 5″ wide. Wrap the thread around it a few times (about 15-20 times, depending on how wide your box is).

wrap thread

Slip the thread from the box, and tie it in the middle using a small piece of the same thread. Gather the two halves of the tassel and secure them by wrapping some thread around a few times, just like shown below.


Cut and even out the ends using a scissor.

Hang in there, we’re almost done! Cut a small piece of wire (3-4″ long). Slip it under the thread from the top.

Bring the two pieces of wire together, then take some beads (I used 2 beads) and slip them on.

Wrap the thread around to secure the beads in place. Make sure you leave a little loop for the jump ring.

Now take a jump ring and slip it through the tassel and the zipper. Close it and Done! You attached the tassel to the pencil case.

All these being done, have fun this school year with your new and really cute pencil case!

Oh, and hey! if you do this DIY, feel free to share it with my on my Insta, Facebook or Twitter 🙂

tassel pencil case

Have an amazing week,



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