Bullet Journal – Plan with me

Bullet Journal – Plan with me

It’s already January which means the new year just begun. As I said before, I don’t believe in “new year, new me”, I believe in working on your goals all the time. But, to be honest, I do take the beginning of a new year as a good time to reconsider your goals and to properly plan. I don’t consider it a “fresh start”, I see it more as a perfect time period for setting milestones. Therefore, given the fact that I love using a bullet journal, I figured out a way to organise and plan for the year ahead and I want to share it with you. This being said, here are my spreads for 2018.

To begin with, because I am not using a new Moleskine Journal, I had to separate 2018 from last year. I accomplished this by adding a so-called quote page with one of my favourite quotes from “Alice in Wonderland”, incorporating “2018”. I always find inspiration and a motivational boost in this quote, so I figured it will be a good start.

2018 - front page

Keeping the idea of planning for a whole year, I believe the next pages were great for a “Future Log” spread. I used a vertical spread as it worked perfectly for me before. Also, because I haven’t started a new journal, I thought that a future log of six months would would be enough.

future log

Of course, the start of a new year wouldn’t be complete without a spread dedicated to my goals for 2018. So I included a “Goals” spread. I also divided my goals into six categories that will include goals for my main focuses for this year: health&lifestyle, blog, education, career, finance and entertainment.

2018 goals spread

Now my setup for 2018 is complete. Moving on, here’s my setup for January. I started with a monthly spread, including a calendar, as I find it really helpful to visualise the month ahead of me. Next to it I added a box for my monthly goals. A method that I’ve been trying lately is to set small, achievable, monthly goals that build up towards the yearly goals.

january - monthly spread

My next pages include a “Brain Dump” spread for jotting down ideas. I used this spread before and I found it really helpful for writing down random ideas and inspiration. Next to it I added a “Blog plan” page. I use this spread for planning my blog posts, ideas and basically everything blog related.

blog plan - brain dump

Next up is a “Habit & Mood Tracker” spread. This is a new addition to my usual spreads. I figured that this could motivate me to implement some of the habits that I’ve been neglecting lately. For January I want to quit smoking, read on a daily basis, begin a yoga routine, eat healthier and improve my drawing skills with a daily doodle. As for the Mood Tracker, I want to be aware of my feelings and log them.

habbit and mood tracker

One of my yearly goals is to take care of my eating habits, therefore I added a weekly food planning spread. I’ve been using this spread for a few months already and it worked perfectly, as I can plan a week of healthy meals and extract a complete shopping list.

food planner food planner detail

In the end, of course, I have my weekly spread. I divided the week in 4 days per page, and in the remaining space I added a “Weekly Goals” box. For me, it’s not enough to set monthly goals, therefore I break these big goals into small, weekly goals that help me achieve my monthly ones.

weekly spread

All this being said, I hope you found this bujo setup helpful and hey! how did you organise your bullet journal for 2018? If you tried these spread or you have more tips and tricks, feel share them with me on Instagram and Twitter.

final detail

Have an amazing and productive week,




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