Makeup Brushes Roller

Makeup Brushes Roller

Oh my, I can’t believe that February is almost over. Holiday season is long gone, Valentine’s Day has come and passed… but hey! it’s almost spring! I am really excited for this. And with the fresh start of nature comes a fresh start for all of us. I am going to move really soon and that got me thinking: a new home means home decor, furniture shopping, lots of Ikea…. and new ways of organising your things! I never had a vanity before and for a really long time I’ve been wanting to refresh my makeup collection. I started with my makeup brushes and I gave them a new home: a DIY roller. Today I wanna show you how to make your own makeup brushes roller. Let’s hop into it!

As usual, make everything easier and quicker by gathering all your materials and tools. Start with two pieces of thick material. The size of it really depends on your brush set. For example, I chose some mint green thick canvas and a grey faux suede, each about 40″ x 30″.  Next, you’ll need 2 thick strings. Mine were faux suede mint green strings. At last, take the brushes you’ll use for this roller.

When it comes to tools, You’ll need measuring tape, needles, pins, a pair of scissors, a pencil and thread.

materials tools for DIY

Now lay down your brushes onto the fabric, as shown bellow, leaving about 1 1/2″ – 2″ from the side where the brushes start and 1 1/2″ form the top. Mark down 4″ to the bottom and 4″ – 5″ to the side. Keep in mind that when you fold the material over the brushes it should cover them to the half; add 1 inch to that measurement for the seams. In my case that was 4″. Overall, for me one piece was 20″ x 11″.

brushes laid down

Cut both pieces of the material following the measurements from before. I will use the mint green material for the inner part and the faux suede for the cover.

materials cut

Pin down one of the long sides, good sides f the fabric facing in.

pin materials together

Now sew a straight line using a simple, basic stitch, along the pins.

sewn material overview sewn material detail II

Now fold the material,good side facing out. Fold over the material you want to use as the inner cover 4″ (depending on your brush set, it could be less or more, remember that the folded part should cover little over half of the brushes’ length), just as shown below:

build up roll detail

Starting from the left end, pin the 3 layers together (faux suede, and the folded inner cover), about 1/2″ from the end. Next start laying down your brushes, one by one, and pin the material between each two of them. These way, you are creating the “pockets” for each brush. Make sure the gap is big enough for the brush to slide in and out easily, but not too loose.

brushes spaced out on materail brushes spaced out done

Now start sewing straight lines along those pins, starting with the second one from the left. Remember that the front part and visible part is the faux suede material not the mint green canvas! So flip over the whole thing, outer cover (faux suede) facing up and the inner cover (canvas) facing down, just like shown bellow:

brush pocket detail

I also added a new divider, given how many space was left on the right, after I finished all the brush pockets. In the end it should look like this:

brush pockets done

brush pockets done II

Take your strings and lay them on the green material, good sides facing up, just above the line of “pockets”.

roll closure detail

Fold over the grey material over. At this point both of the materials’ bad sides should face up. Pin along the sides, about 1″ form the sides, making sure that you leave about 1″ of the strings outside.

pinned side detail pinned sides overview

Now sew two straight lines along the pins. Secure the strings by going a few more times over them. Trim off any excess.

pinned sides overview sewn side detail

Now pin the upper long side, leaving a 2 -2 1/2″ gap in the middle:

pinned upside overview

Sew along those pins.

sewn upside overview

To continue, flip everything inside out.

almost done

Next, sew the gap using a hidden stitch. Trim the excess of the strings (they should a little longer then the whole roller as to wrap them around it 2-3 times) and knot them at the end.

done product overview

Finally, put in all your brush set and done! Your makeup brushes have a new stylish home.

Oh, and hey! if you do this DIY, feel free to share it with my on my InstaFacebook or Twitter 🙂

done product overview brushes

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